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Meet Dr. Murphy 

   Dr. David M. Murphy, a member of the LD Pankey Institute Alumni Association, is a 1987 graduate of The Ohio State College of Dentistry.  Other professional memberships include the American Equilibration Society, American Dental Association and the Greater Cleveland Dental Society.  He enhances his education through continuum courses at the LD Pankey Instituteand by participating in local and national dental study groups.  As a highly qualified general dentist focusing on restorative dentistry, he takes pride in maintaining a true, professional and unique dentist/patient relationship with each client.

As with any change, finding the right dentist can be frustrating.  We have found patients enter the dental office with some level of FUD.  Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  Fear of the dental experience from past experiences or from stories heard of other’s experiences. Uncertain of what is possible to address their concerns and desires.  And they may have some doubt of the existence of disease or their role in their oral/systemic health.  The purpose of my office, or any health professional, is to guide patients, towards TAO, the Trust, Appreciation, and Ownership of their health and dental options.  I align the dualities this way: Fear – Trust, Uncertainty – Appreciation, Doubt – Ownership. Trust comes from shared experiences of expectations being met or exceeded.  Agreements are honored.  Appreciation occurs as we are able to connect what matters to our  patients with the services we can provide them.  Ownership is realized as the patient is invited in to the process, and allowed to have procedures done with them, not to them, that they have chosen aligned with their desired healthy outcomes.  People will chose health, their self preservation, if given the choice.